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Spoil the Boy

I find the Ruth Miskin phonic system really problematic. I’m sure I’ll vent at a later date, but one thing I doooooo quite like is the flashcard for the sound ‘oi’. It shows a boy getting lots of presents, and then underneath, it says, in nice curly writing, ‘spoil the boy’. So I took Ruth Miskin at her word, snd I… spoilt the boy.

It was my boyfriend’s birthday on Friday (19th June) so we had a socially-distanced barbecue with us, his sister, my brother, and his dog.

This is the first birthday we’ve lived together, so hiding and wrapping presents was a challenge (at one point, I did order him to just ‘leave the room, for goodness’ sake’) but I managed it! Here’s his haul:

Hard to see what this is, as it’s in its box. It’s a growler, grr, filled with beer.
For his crowning glory
Some everyday essentials
This goes…
…with this!
Through the wrapping process
Pink washi tape, as Mark is confident in his masculinity
Spoil the boy!

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The Name Game

I have a theory. It’s that people know more people called Catherine than they do any other name. So I’ve devised a fun game to test this. The rules are very simple: one minute, as many Catherines as you can. You can include Kates or Katies if you wish, but be consistent. In this example, I have been very strict and kept it to pure Catherine*. Go!

Catherine Mahony, Catherine Zeta Jones, Catherine of Aragon, Katherine Howard, Catherine Parr, Catherine Garman, Katherine Green, Catherine Sikorski, Catherine Collins, St Catherine of Siena, Catherine Bevan, Catherine Earnshaw (this counts double because of Wuthering Heights, and also the fact that I know someone who is genuinely called Katherine Earnshaw).

See? You’ll find you know loads of them. I tried this game with my other sister, Nancy, and all I got was Nancy Mahony, Nancy from Oliver, Nancy Reagan and Nancy Drew.

Variations: try another name. You’ll find Catherine beats all, especially if you include Kate etc.

*or Katherine

So there you go! The Name Game.